My very first online party with Usborne Books & More – VIDEO

May 1, 2017

About 7 years ago I joined Pampered Chef to make some extra money. I did that and I had fun doing it. I remember my first party though. Oh my goodness was I nervous! So nervous. It turned out fun, mostly because I had invited my friends (why was I nervous?). Anyway, it was a good way for me to make some extra money. It was work. Definitely. I spent time picking out my recipes for parties and practicing them. It was nice planning my schedule though. You get much more control than if you work retail.

Fast forward to today. I am a stay-at-home mom, a pastor’s wife, finishing my MA. We could definitely use extra money. Me working outside the house is not even an option. So we thought we would try direct sales again. What happened is a much longer story. Everything is always longer isn’t it? The important part is that we buy a lot of books and we really like Usborne and Kane Miller books. So the “I’m going to become an Usborne consultant” decision wasn’t really a big leap.

Planning your parties is important. I know that from Pampered Chef. I was coached by my team leader very well. If you want to succeed in direct sales you will HAVE to plan and set goals for yourself. No one just happens into success. I think sometimes people think of direct sales like winning the lottery. It’s not. There’s a reason they call it an “opportunity” it’s not guaranteed, you will have to put the time in if you want to be successful!

So I went about planning my Facebook party. I wanted some fun little game posts and videos showing the books that we have, simple right?

In my head I was going to film nice informative videos to post on my Facebook party. What happened? I shut my eyes in the video. Like while I was talking. What? Do I do this in real life? No idea. For now I’m going to pretend I don’t, because it really looks weird. Don’t think of it like I’m being pensive, it’s more like I’m scared of the camera so I close my eyes so I don’t see it. Lovely. I have a new appreciation for news anchors.

I instead opted to film more of the books and less of me. Seriously the books are very photogenic. So much easier. Although holding the camera and filming is hard. I may need to opt for assistance next go-round. Here is my first one:

Anyway my plan with my party is to showcase the books. They really are awesome. And I totally believe they are priced fairly! Plus hosting and being a consultant is worth it! I mean I got the rewards from a mystery hostess party and it was AWESOME! $80 in free books. So to help someone get that for hosting just by inviting their friends to buy these AWESOME books is cool with me.

Here’s my link.: Those that purchase from my party go into a drawing for a free book! It could be you!

Plus feel free to ask questions about joining/hosting in the comments! I have done a lot of research about direct sales and love talking about it!

Do you have any Usborne books?

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