Children’s Garden Plot

May 24, 2017

Having a garden is important to us. With little children it can be hard! They want to to be part of the action (which I also want), but that can be hazardous to all the plants. Since I also want them to experience the joy of picking vegetables, I can’t let them go crazy on the entire garden.

This year we made a separate plot for the kiddos. We took the easy way out and moved the playhouse for a ready made square of dirt. Then I worked in some garden soil using our garden weasel. Then the kids lined it with rocks. They were so cute doing this and it was a great little activity for them. They counted the rocks and lined them up perfectly.


My five year old is much more opinionated about what goes in their garden than the three year old. Of course she wanted more than would fit, but she was able to narrow it down. She chose green beans, a pepper plant, a parsley plant, and some sunflowers. She has been very good at checking on them. Almost too good. She saw a bunny hop through the yard and had to take measures to protect her garden.

Now it has a little fence around it to guard against the bunnies.


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