Our first experience growing Spaghetti Squash: What we learned and how it impacted this year.

May 29, 2017

I wrote the following last year after finding out the hard way that spaghetti squash grows fast and BIG. Last year I swore I would never plant it again. Guess what? I totally did. I did put it sort of out of the way…near 6 pumpkin seedlings. đŸ™‚ We’ll see in a few months if that part of the yard still exists.

2016: Growing Spaghetti Squash

Sometimes I like to do a lot of research before I do something new, then make a plan, then implement that plan. Other times I like to just see what happens. Sometimes this is fun, other times it results in losing your entire yard to spaghetti squash plants! I’m not even exaggerating. Apparently these plants grow into giant sticky-armed monsters that are covered in flowers and bumblebees.


This is the raised bed. What raised bed you ask? Oh look in the middle left side of the picture. See there is a tiny bit of wood that is visible. Everything else is getting eaten by this spaghetti squash plant. This is actually two squash plants. TWO. I planted one in each little corner of the raised bed, about 2 feet away from my beloved limas. I figured they would grow a vine and I would just steer it away from the limas. Well they grow MULTIPLE VINES that literally GRAB onto anything they can reach. These vines are fixed onto the grass below it. It is seriously a monster of a plant.

DSCN6413 (2)
How the raised bed once looked, with nice evenly sprouting lima bean seedlings.
Raised bed? Limas? Are you guys in there??

Scott actually ran over one vine. “You ran over the vine!” I exclaimed. “Um, why is it in our driveway?” This is a plant that does NOT respect boundaries.

And they are COVERED in bees. Bumble bees, other types of bees. They are everywhere. Apparently one need not plants lots of wildflowers to attract bees, one needs a monster squash plant.


I also planted one spaghetti squash in a corner of our traditional bed. This is it tearing down the rabbit netting I put up. Yes you read that right, the squash plant has torn down the netting. It made it over the cute little bamboo border and up and over the rabbit netting to the outside. I’m not going to lie, these plants are scaring me.

July 9, 2016

So next year if I’m still in to spaghetti squash they are going in to a corner of the yard by themselves. I am excited to say that we do have one spaghetti squash on the vine! Oh and zucchini update: I currently have 7 in the fridge, several out there growing, and have eaten zucchini every day this week! Yay!

I welcome any suggestions for growing spaghetti squash, or containing it!

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